Finance Council



 As identified in Canon 537 of the 1983 Code, each parish has a Finance Council whose purpose is to assist the pastor in the administration of the temporal goods of the parish. This group acts in accord with the general law of the Church and archdiocesan guidelines.

It is consultative and accountable to the pastor, ordinarily through collaboration with the Parish Pastoral Council. The pastor appoints the members of the Finance Council in consultation with the Parish Pastoral Council and with appropriate staff.


Members come from the parish faith community and collectively have financial skills and a broad view of parish ministries and facilities. The pastor serves as convener of the Finance Council. The parish bookkeeper and/or business manager (if applicable) ordinarily attend meetings.

Recommended Activities

The Finance Council is responsible for attending to the financial stewardship and stability of the parish through:

  1. ensuring that parish business practices are efficient, economical, legal and ethical
  2. developing a process for the preparation and monitoring of the annual parish budget
  3. communicating financial information to the Parish Pastoral Council and the parish community
  4. recommending types of investments and levels of financial reserve (e.g., repair and replacement)
  5. maintaining a current inventory of of properties, furnishings, and equipment
  6. ensuring proper accounting and fiscal reporting for authorizes parish groups that rely on the parish's tax exempt status and maintain their own funds (e.g.,clubs, societies, etc.)
  7. coordinating parish stewardship and development with diocesan policies and plans
  8. seeking external counsel when needed.


Current Finance Council Members of Holy Name are:

Kenneth Hahn, Michelle Hamouz, Joe Kozol, Michael McGlade