Pastoral (Parish) Council

Purpose of Parish Council


The purpose of the Parish Pastoral Council is to assist the pastor in developing and deepening the parish faith community in order to fulfill the mission of Jesus. As a consultative body, the Council proposes a vision and direction for parish life. An elected term of office is three (3) years.


Collaborative Leadership

Cooperating with the leadership of the Pastor, the Council provides direction for the parish. Members of the Council and the Parish Staff fulfill distinct roles in promoting the faith life of the parish, and all exercise leadership within their respective roles. In this way, many gifts are available to meet the human and faith needs of the Parish.


Council Responsibilities

 Flowing from this broad pastoral role are responsibilities that include but are not limited to the following:

1.    To provide consultation to the pastor on matters of pastoral planning and policy

2.    To promote the mission of the parish

3.    To engage in pastoral planning through developing parish goals and furthering their implementation

4.    To attend to the prayer and continuing education necessary for Council action

5.    To listen to and represent the wisdom of the many perspectives present in the parish community

6.    To take responsibility for the ongoing renewal of parish life and call forth the gifts of individuals and groups         in the faith community

7.    To cooperate with other parishes and the Archdiocese in the fulfillment of the broader mission of the      



The following members currently serve on the Parish Council:

Adams Mary - Allen Vickie - Burks Theresa - Flearl Nancy - Grande Susan - McElroy Karen - Millan Ana -

Murcek Richard - Rodriquez Elizabeth - Najera Susana - Vaughan Leo (Duffy) 

 The Pastoral Council meets the third Thursday of the month in a meeting room north of the vestibule of the Church at 7:00 pm. They assist the pastor in policy-making decisions regarding the parish's spiritual, educational, social, and financial direction. Members are elected at-large and serve three-year terms. For information about the parish council, please contact the rectory.